An update from Washington D.C. and more great news for the Upper Delaware River. The United States Senate passed the Delaware River Basin Conservation Act (DRBCA) today, a major milestone in the effort to bring national attention, and resources, to one of America’s most important river systems.

The legislation will streamline the delivery of national conservation programs to the Delaware watershed and create a grant program that enables non-profit organizations and local governments to implement on-the-ground water quality and aquatic habitat improvements similar to FUDR’s Sands Creek Project on the West Branch of the Upper Delaware River.

The DRBCA is not across the finish line yet. The U.S. House of Representatives still needs to pass the bill and send it to the President’s desk. We will keep you posted as we turn our attention to the House side.

Thanks to everybody who wrote a letter, made a phone call, or worked the halls of Congress on behalf of this important legislation.

For more information on today’s developments in the Senate, click here for the press release from the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed and FUDR’s statement.

Senate Passes Delaware River Basin Conservation Act