We are hearing that another harmful yo-yo release will start tomorrow evening on the Upper Delaware River due to forecasted rain next week.

We’re also told we can avoid this yo-yo if the new long term reservoir plan gets signed by the five parties before tomorrow night. We aren’t buying it. We’ve seen the flexibility over the past few months with water releases and we’re urging that remain in place for this weekend. At the very least let’s gradually step down the release so it minimizes harm to the cold water ecosystem of the Upper Delaware River.

It’s absurd to be this close to a new reservoir management agreement that will establish a pathway forward to eliminate yo-yo releases and then let it happen again. What kind of message does that send?

It’s time to contact the Decree Parties again – here’s the message:

Do whatever it takes to avoid ecological and economic chaos this weekend on the UDR and then sign the new agreement and get to work on a permanent solution to this long standing and unnecessary insult on the Upper Delaware River.

Paul Rush (NYC): prush@dep.nyc.gov, 845-334-7107
Mark Klotz (NY): mark.klotz@dec.ny.gov, 518-402-8233
Jennifer Orr (PA): jeorr@pa.gov, 717-772-5633
Michele Putnam (NJ): michele.putnam@dep.nj.gov, 609-292-8490
David Wunsch (DE): dwunsch@udel.edu, 302-831-8258

On the Cusp of a New Deal, another Yo-Yo on its way