Stage is set for Delaware River Funding!

Congressman John Faso signs UDR Resolution

A team of Upper Delaware River advocates traveled to Washington DC this week to fight for critically needed funding for the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program (DRBRP).

We joined the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed (CDRW) who met with dozens of congressional representatives with districts that border the Delaware River urging them to support critically needed start-up funding for the DRBRP.

Our team highlighted the efforts of the Upper Delaware River Tailwaters Coalition (UDRTC) to develop a Stream Corridor Management Plan (SCMP) below the NYC Delaware basin reservoirs and provided examples of stream projects and waterway needs that could improve water quality, mitigate flooding, and boost local economies.

While we were in Washington, New York Congressman John Faso introduced a resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives drawing national attention to the Upper Delaware River and the economic benefits it generates for Delaware and Sullivan counties. (see attached FUDR press release and Faso resolution).

When we got home we received some exciting news. In their last minute efforts to put together a federal budget, the U.S. Congress has included $5 million in an Omnibus Bill for the DRBRP. While that funding level is relatively modest, it’s a great start and will help leverage additional resources for the Delaware River. And it’s great timing as the UDRTC is set to finalize the SCMP which will help identify UDR waterway funding needs.

Thanks to Sam Rowe (former Hancock Town Supervisor), Art Merrill (Colchester Town Supervisor), and Fred Gender (Shehawken Trout Unlimited) who did a fantastic job representing the interests of the Upper Delaware River Tailwater Coalition in Washington!

UDR Advocates Visit Washington D.C.