2017 One Bug – 10th Annual!  April 28 Kick Off Dinner


Thank you to our Corporate One Bug Sponsors & Event Sponsors:

Orvis, Patagonia, Trout Unlimited, Hyde Drift Boats, American Rivers, Hook & Fly Apparel, West Branch Angler Resort, Toufayan Bakery, Big Tree Woodworks Inc., Cross Current Guide Service and Roscoe Beer Company!


April 29 & 30 2017 One Bug Fishing – Teams are SOLD OUT!

The cost is $1500/pp $3000/team ($800 pp is a tax deductible donation) and includes the Friday night banquet ticket, two days of guided fishing, breakfast & lunch on Saturday and Sunday, Sunday night awards banquet, and a whole lot of fun.  The only thing not included is the guide tip for Saturday and Sunday.  Click here for a Team Entry Form!  Contact sherri@fudr.org if you have any questions.


One Bug Pics – Click here!

One Bug 2016 Fishing Results:

1st Place:

Team Emerger:  Craig Bouslough (930) & Tom Swavely (440), took Top Team with 1370 points

Craig Bouslough, Team Emerger took Top Individual, with 930 points!

Ben Rinker took Top Guide, 1470 points

Biggest Fish: (3 way Tie)

JC Clark, City Slickers, 20″ Brown caught on a #16 Loopwing

Terry DiSabatino, Delaware Sharks, 20″ Brown caught on a MB Parachute

Craig Bouslough, Team Emerger, 20″ Brown caught on a #16 Loopwing

2nd Place:

Team Eagles:  Josh Bousum (640) & Geoff Bousum (570) 1210 points

Individual: JC Clark, Team Emerger  750 Points

Guide: Darren Rist – 930 points

Third Place: (team tie)

City Slickers:  Glenn Erikson (220) & JC Clark (750) 970 points

Delaware Sharks:  Terry DiSabatino (590) & Pete Grimbilas (380) 970 points

Individual:  Josh Bousum, Team Eagles 640 points

Guide:  Stephan Spoerri, 920 points

Squirrel Award:  Judd Weisburg (this goes to the guide with the best fly rescue)

List of auction items:

In the Redds – 30 x 40 Canvas A.D. Maddox print, donated by A.D. Maddox

Custom JP Ross MUIR Fiberglass 7′ 3wt 5pc Rod, donated by JP Ross Fly Rods

Steelhead Package on the Salmon River: 3 nights accommodations at the Tailwater Lodge, 2 days guide service with Zero Limit Adventures, and a $200 gift card for the Tailwater Lodge Restaurant & Bar – donated by Tailwater Lodge & Zero Limit Adventures

Custom Bamboo Rod – 8′, 2 pc hollow build 6wt with 2 tips, made and donated by Nick Rubicco, The Catskill Angler

2-Night Spa Package for 2 at The Lodge at Woodloch – luxurious Veranda Deluxe room, 3 gourmet meals each daily, use of all spa & fitness facilities & group classes & activities included! donated by The Lodge at Woodloch

Beautiful Custom Made Wading Net, donated by John Parise, River Song Nets

Missouri River 3 bedroom Cabin – 1 Week Stay (October 10-16th) on the banks of the Missouri River – drift boat included, donated by JC Clark


One Bug 2015 Pics – Click Here

One Bug 2015 Fishing Results:

1st Place:

City Slickers:  JC Clark (680) & Glenn Erikson (340), took Top Team with 1020 points

JC Clark, City Slickers took Top Individual, with 680 points

Sam Decker took Top Guide, 1010 points

Biggest Fish: (Tie)

Mark Gutshall, Team Landstudies, 21″ Brown caught on a Hendrickson Emerger

Steve Mongiardo, Lordville Hit Men, 21″ Brown caught on a Hendy Cripple

Squirrel Award:  Darren Rist (This goes to the guide with the best story of retrieving a client’s fly)

2nd Place:

Team Mama Luke:  Dan Plummer (670) & John Winkler (260) 930 points

Individual: Dan Plummer, Team Mama Luke  670 Points

Guide: Ryan Furtak – 930 points

Third Place: (team & individual tie)

Team Eagles:  Geoff Bousum (290) & Josh Bousum (500) 790 points

Lordville Hit Men:  Ken O’Connor (410) & Steve Mongiardo (380) 790 points

Individual:  Josh Bousum, Team Eagles 500 points & Bob DeFillipis, Team Mosca nel Bocca 500 points

Guide:  Judd Weisberg, 920 points

All 2015 One Bug Scores:
Team Landstudies: 710
Mark Gutshall 420
Dennis Auker 290
Team Mosca nel Bocca: 700
Bob Moore 200
Bob DeFilippis 500
Team Stanley Cooper: 670
Ralph Kates 360
Scott Brady 310
Team BTC 1: 660
Scott Noyes 270
Ken Taylor 390
Team Trout Unlimited: 650
Steve Trafton 310
Andrew Kimsey 340
Chuck’s Bugger Boys: 630
Chuck Ruderhausen 360
Paul Robino 270
Team Bar Fly: 610
David Bull 280
Josh Spivak 330
Team Riverside Cafe: 610
Dan Eliezer 260
Jeff Hoone (Sat) 180
Paul Pensinger (Sun) 170
Katterman Boys: 600
John Simons 270
John Frye 330
Team Bobber Babies: 560
Peter Moskovitz 360
Anjanette Daigle 200
Team Jersey Boyz: 550
Rich Thomas 200
Dave King 350
The Bannack Boys: 540
Tim Foster 250
Art Bartholomew 290
Team Patagonia: 520
Brian Benner 290
Tom Fernandez 230
Team EJS – APR: 500
Tom Engels 310
Craig Bouslough 190
Team Reel Men: 490
Pat Martin 310
Jeff Skelding (Sat.) 140
Ron Zarrella (Sun.) 40
Jackie Treehorn Productions: 480
Christine Larocca 100
Greg Eiband 380
The Girls: 360
Jeanette Dietrick 230
Demetre Bove 130
Delaware Sharks: 340
Terry DiSabatino 100
Peter Grimbilas 240
Team Orvistons: 250
Reid Bryant 30
Kim Bryant 220

2015 One Bug:  May 1, 2, & 3 – Team Slots are SOLD OUT! A few tickets left for Friday night kick off party on May 1: Get your ticket before they are gone – $100/ticket – food & drink included!

Roscoe Beer will be there for beer tasting and fun giveaways! World renowned Artist AD Maddox will be in the house – bid on a real-time painting of your jeans!  To buy a ticket, go here: ONE BUG 2015

G. Loomis NRX 9′ 5wt Rod Raffle – $10/ticket – thank you G. Loomis!

Check out our list of auction items:

Check back – new items added every day!

One Bug 2014 Fishing Results:

1st Place:

Team Landstudies:  Mark Gutshall (360) & Dennis Auker (400), took Top Team with 760 points

Mike Cartechine, Team Mama Luke is Top Individual, with 450 points

Brett Jackson is Top Guide, 660 points

Biggest Fish:  Jessica McGlothlin, Team Orvis, 22″ Brown caught on a Conehead Zonker

Squirrel Award:  Ben Rinker (This goes to the guide with the best story of retrieving a client’s fly)

2nd Place: (Team Tie & Guide Tie)

Sobchak Security:  Christine LaRocca (330) & Gregg Eiband (330) 710 points

Trout Unlimited: Chris Wood (250), Steve Trafton (360), & Andrew Kimsey (100) 710 points

Individual: Dennis Auker, Team Landstudies  400 Points

Guide (4-way tie): Colin Archer, Charlie Limpert, Bruce Miller, Kevney Moses – all had 640 points

Third Place:

Team Reel Men:  Ron Zarrella (140), Pat Martin (300), & Jeff Skelding (170), 610 points

Individual:  Gregg Eiband, Sobchak Security 380 points

Guide:  Stephan Spoerri, 630 points

All 2014 One Bug Scores:
Team BTC 1: 570
Scott Noyes 290
Ken Taylor 280
Katterman Boys: 480
John Simons 280
John Frye 200
Nepomuk: 400
Ron Dudginski 200
Dave King 100
Paul Robino 100
Team Big Fish: 560
Andy Tumolo 370
David Bull 190
Team Eagles: 400
Josh Bousum 200
Rich Thomas 200
Team Mama Luke: 550
Dan Plummer 100
Mike Cartichine 450
Team Orvis I: 440
Rob Tibbett 240
Jeremy Kehrien 200
Team Orvis II: 480
Jessica McGlothlin 280
Christine Penn 200
Team Patagonia: 600
Brian Benner 230
Tom Fernandez 370
The Bannack Boys: 400
Tim Foster 200
Art Bartholomew 200
Delaware Sharks: 470
Terry DiSabatino 270
Pete Grimbilas 200
Tall Pines: 470
John Bousum 200
Dan Elizer 270
Team Little Fish: 420
Paul Swartz 130
Bob DeFilippis 290
What the Fu**: 480
Glen Erikson 200
Demetre Bove 280

One Bug 2014 – April 25, 26, 27

Friday Night Kick-Off Party – $100/ticket – food & drink included! To buy a ticket, go here: ONE BUG 2014

Check out our list of auction items:

Raffle: G. Loomis NRX LP 9′ 5wt Rod – $20/ticket 6/$100

Thank you to our sponsors!

One Bug 2013 Press Release

2013 One Bug Fishing Results:

1st Place:

Team Orvis 1:  Ryan Bunn & Tyler Atkins, took Top Team with 1410 points

Tyler Atkins is Top Individual, with 770 points

Darren Rist is Top Guide, 1060 points

Biggest Fish:  David Morton, 23″ Brown caught on a Rusty Spinner

Squirrel Award:  Ryan Furtak

This goes to the guide with the best story of retrieving a client’s fly

2nd Place:

Team Patagonia:  Brian Benner & Steve Spurgeon 1140 points

Individual: Ryan Bunn, 640

Guide: Jeff Church, 960

Third Place:

Team Mama Luke:  Dan Plummer & Mike Doll, 860

Individual:  Brian Benner, 590

Guide:  Tim Oliphant, 890


2012 One Bug Results


        • First: Ryan Bunn, 490 points
        • Second: Ken Lagerveld, 410 points
        • Third (tie): Terry Di Sabatino and Dan Plummer, 360 points.


        • First:  Patagonia (Ryan Bunn & Ken Lagerveld), 900 points
        • Second:  Mama Luke, 700 points
        • Third:  Delaware Sharks, 650 points

Top Guide:

        • First:  Jeff Church, 750 points
        • Second:  Bob Lewis, 730 points
        • Third:  Steve Taggert, 710 points

Biggest Fish:

  • Ryan Bunn, 21 3/8-inch brown trout, caught on a Hendrickson Emerger

Squirrel Award:

  • Colin Archer. This goes to the guide with the best story of retrieving a client’s fly. Archer is a two-time winner.
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