Water Water Everywhere 8 – Presentations

  • Update on New Fisheries Plan for the Upper Delaware River



Click here to download the 2014 Upper Delaware River Economic Impact Study

Water Water Everywhere 6 Conference October 19-20, 2015 Presentations:

Katy Dunlap, Eastern Water Project Director, TU: Pipelines Across the Delaware: Protecting Coldwater Ecosystems from Natural Gas Pipeline Impacts

Rachel Dawson, Senior Manager, Delaware River Program, National Fish & Wildlife Foundation: Delaware River Restoration Fund

Madeline Emde, Assistant Coordinator, Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed: Adding Value Through Watershed-Wide Approaches

George Fowler, PE, MS, Senior Project Engineer, Woidt Engineering and Consulting: Sand Creek-Site 5 Stream Enhancements

Mark Hartle, Chief of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Division of Environmental Services: Predictive Factors and Considerations by the PA Fish and Boat Commission for Water Temperatures in the Upper Delaware River

Shelly Johnson-Bennett, Chief Planner for the Delaware County Department of Planning: Stream Stewardship and Management Planning

Peter Kolesar, Professor Emeritus at the Columbia University: Thermal Stress Relief for the Upper Delaware: We know how to do it. Why not now?

Grant La Rouche, Regional Representative in the Mid-Atlantic, National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Pinpointing Exactly Where You Fish Using Drones (Or How to Get Your Attention When I Talk About Why You Should Care About the Rest of the Basin)

Travis O’Dell, Resource Specialist, Upper Delaware Council: Upper Delaware Council – Land, Water, People Partnership

Molly Oliver, Assistant to the Commissioner of Delaware County Department of Watershed Affairs: The Upper Delaware River Tailwaters Coalition

Garth Pettinger, Mechanical Engineer: The Challenges Ahead

Patrick Starr, Executive Vice President, Pennsylvania Environmental Council: River Towns: A River Runs Through It

Water Water Everywhere V Conference October 14-15, 2014 Presentations:

Graydon Dutcher, Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District, Stream Program Coordinator: Stream Corridor Management Plan

Mark Klotz, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Water Director: Delaware River Basin Water Resource Management

Jeff Skelding, FUDR Executive Director:  Watershed Restoration

Tracy Brown, Trout Unlimited, Northeastern Restoration Coordinator: Conservation in New York 2014

Garth Pettinger, Trout Unlimited:  The Big Picture 2014 

Peter Kolesar, Columbia University: Thermal Stress Relief

Kim Beidler:  Coalition For the Delaware River Watershed

Katy Dunlap, TU Eastern Water Project Director: Protecting Special Places in the Eastern Shale Gas Region

Rachael Dawson, NFWF Legislative Representative: Delaware River Restoration

Dean Frazier, Delaware County Department of Watershed Affairs, Commissioner: Delaware County Perspective

Upper Delaware River Tailwaters Coalition Conference September 12, 2014 Presentations:

Paul Rush, Deputy Commissioner, NYCDEP: Delaware Releases 9-12-14

Jim Serio, Real Estate Owner, Founder of Delaware River Foundation, Retired Guide, FUDR member: Delaware River Flows & Fish

Wayne Reynolds, Commissioner, Delaware River County Department of Public Works: River Flows & Sediment Transport

Graydon Dutcher, Stream Program Coordinator, Delaware County Soil & Water Conservation District: Stream Corridor Management Plan

Water Water Everywhere IV (2013) Presentations:

Tom Shepstone, Shepstone Management Co.,Inc.: What’s a River Worth?   Economic Impact Study

Tracy Brown, Trout Unlimited: Millennium Stream Improvement Fund

Mark Gutshall, Landstudies Inc.:  Repairing Upper Delaware River Tributaries

Thomas Murphy, NYC DEP:  Update on Croton Water Supply System

Anthony Fiore, Office of Energy NYC Environment Protection:  Cannonsville Hydroelectric Project FERC No. P-13287

Garth Pettinger, Trout Unlimited:  Equitable Apportionment Plan

Peter Kolesar, Columbia University: The July 2013 Delaware Thermal Stress Event

Mark Hartle, PFBC Division of Environmental Services:  What’s the Water Temperature Telling Us?

Fred Henson, NYSDEC Bureau of Fisheries:  Current Challenges for Trout Maagement in NYS: The Delaware and Beyond

Bob Bachman, PFBC Commissioner:  What the Trout Have to Say

Katy Dunlap, TU Eastern Water Project Director:  SHALE GAS DEVELOPMENT IN THE DELAWARE RIVER BASIN: What does it mean for Trout?

Paul Rush, NYC DEP Deputy Commissioner for Water Supply:

Kim Beidler:  Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed

Rachael Dawson, NFWF Legislative Representative: What’s Happening on Capitol Hill?

Travis O’Dell, Upper Delaware Council:  Upper Delaware Council 101