What is a Stream Corridor Management Plan and How Does it Impact You

Many people dream of living along a stream or river where the sound of running water lulls them to sleep at night.  This can be one of the most peaceful environments and is considered a highly desirable trait for real estate.  However, there are risks to living in these corridors if we do not develop responsibly, protecting life and property from hazards that come from flooding.  There are tools each community has to help live in harmony with the streams and rivers that at one time were the heart of their communities.

Stream Corridor Management Planning is a process that looks at all aspects of living along a stream or river.  We will discuss how we evaluate impacts to the water courses from development, impacts to communities from flooding and possible solutions to address concerns about the physical environment as well as the social and financial environment.

The first series of meetings – What is a Stream Corridor Management Plan and Why We Need One – addressed the basic components of stream protection and how they impact people, communities and wildlife.

Presenters: Shelly Johnson-Bennett, Delaware County Planning Department, and Wayne Reynolds, Delaware County Department of Public Works

Click here for Shelly Johnson-Bennett’s Presentation



The second in a series of public education meetings will address:  The Basics of Stream Dynamics

Graydon Dutcher from the Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District and Mark Gutshall from LandStudies, Inc. will discuss how waterways function and how they need to be managed to protect people, communities, and the natural environment.


Graydon Dutcher, Delaware County Soil & Water Conservation District

Mark Gutshall, Landstudies Inc.


Meeting Dates/Locations:

Monday, October 24 – Deposit State Theater

148 Front St., Deposit, NY


Tuesday, October 25 – Colchester American Legion Hall

6644 River Rd, Downsville, NY


Wednesday, October 26 – Hancock Town Hall

661 W. Main St., Hancock, NY

Time:  6:00 – 7:30 PM for all locations