Water Water Everywhere – the only event in the region that ties together all of the important work underway to protect the unique cold water ecosystem of the Upper Delaware River watershed.

2017 Water, Water, Everywhere Agenda

2017 Presentations:

Upper Delaware River: The Year in Review

Flow Management & the Federal Interest

FFMP2017- Proposed Changes/Features

Update on New Fisheries Plan for the Upper Delaware River

2015 Presentations:

Katy Dunlap, Eastern Water Project Director, TU: Pipelines Across the Delaware: Protecting Coldwater Ecosystems from Natural Gas Pipeline Impacts

Rachel Dawson, Senior Manager, Delaware River Program, National Fish & Wildlife Foundation: Delaware River Restoration Fund

Madeline Emde, Assistant Coordinator, Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed: Adding Value Through Watershed-Wide Approaches

George Fowler, PE, MS, Senior Project Engineer, Woidt Engineering and Consulting: Sand Creek-Site 5 Stream Enhancements

Mark Hartle, Chief of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Division of Environmental Services: Predictive Factors and Considerations by the PA Fish and Boat Commission for Water Temperatures in the Upper Delaware River

Shelly Johnson-Bennett, Chief Planner for the Delaware County Department of Planning: Stream Stewardship and Management Planning

Peter Kolesar, Professor Emeritus at the Columbia University: Thermal Stress Relief for the Upper Delaware: We know how to do it. Why not now?

Grant La Rouche, Regional Representative in the Mid-Atlantic, National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Pinpointing Exactly Where You Fish Using Drones (Or How to Get Your Attention When I Talk About Why You Should Care About the Rest of the Basin)

Travis O’Dell, Resource Specialist, Upper Delaware Council: Upper Delaware Council – Land, Water, People Partnership

Molly Oliver, Assistant to the Commissioner of Delaware County Department of Watershed Affairs: The Upper Delaware River Tailwaters Coalition

Garth Pettinger, Mechanical Engineer: The Challenges Ahead

Patrick Starr, Executive Vice President, Pennsylvania Environmental Council: River Towns: A River Runs Through It

2014 Presentations:

Graydon Dutcher, Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District, Stream Program Coordinator: Stream Corridor Management Plan

Mark Klotz, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Water Director: Delaware River Basin Water Resource Management

Jeff Skelding, FUDR Executive Director: Watershed Restoration

Tracy Brown, Trout Unlimited, Northeastern Restoration Coordinator: Conservation in New York 2014

Garth Pettinger, Trout Unlimited: The Big Picture 2014

Peter Kolesar, Columbia University: Thermal Stress Relief

Kim Beidler: Coalition For the Delaware River Watershed

Katy Dunlap, TU Eastern Water Project Director: Protecting Special Places in the Eastern Shale Gas Region

Rachael Dawson, NFWF Legislative Representative: Delaware River Restoration

Dean Frazier, Delaware County Department of Watershed Affairs, Commissioner: Delaware County Perspective

Upper Delaware River Tailwaters Coalition Conference September 12, 2014 Presentations:

Paul Rush, Deputy Commissioner, NYCDEP: Delaware Releases 9-12-14

Jim Serio, Real Estate Owner, Founder of Delaware River Foundation, Retired Guide, FUDR member: Delaware River Flows & Fish

Wayne Reynolds, Commissioner, Delaware River County Department of Public Works: River Flows & Sediment Transport

Graydon Dutcher, Stream Program Coordinator, Delaware County Soil & Water Conservation District: Stream Corridor Management Plan

Water Water Everywhere IV (2013) Presentations:

Tom Shepstone, Shepstone Management Co.,Inc.: What’s a River Worth? Economic Impact Study

Tracy Brown, Trout Unlimited: Millennium Stream Improvement Fund

Mark Gutshall, Landstudies Inc.: Repairing Upper Delaware River Tributaries

Thomas Murphy, NYC DEP: Update on Croton Water Supply System

Anthony Fiore, Office of Energy NYC Environment Protection: Cannonsville Hydroelectric Project FERC No. P-13287

Garth Pettinger, Trout Unlimited: Equitable Apportionment Plan

Peter Kolesar, Columbia University: The July 2013 Delaware Thermal Stress Event

Mark Hartle, PFBC Division of Environmental Services: What’s the Water Temperature Telling Us?

Fred Henson, NYSDEC Bureau of Fisheries: Current Challenges for Trout Maagement in NYS: The Delaware and Beyond

Bob Bachman, PFBC Commissioner: What the Trout Have to Say

Katy Dunlap, TU Eastern Water Project Director: SHALE GAS DEVELOPMENT IN THE DELAWARE RIVER BASIN: What does it mean for Trout?

Paul Rush, NYC DEP Deputy Commissioner for Water Supply:

Kim Beidler: Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed

Rachael Dawson, NFWF Legislative Representative: What’s Happening on Capitol Hill?

Travis O’Dell, Upper Delaware Council: Upper Delaware Council 101